Monday, August 23, 2010

what would happen if peter pain got a day job and tinker bell turned in her wings
what would happen if hook and shark made up and sorted out there differences

what if wild things did not rome and the long shadows behind the trees were empty

what if the basement was bright and safe

what if the dead did not walk home in the early morning fog

what if there was no dreaming

Monday, August 02, 2010

Situational irony of life - you go jfk to drop someone who is close to you in the departures and then come around in the stream of taxi cabs, buses and town cars around to pick up someone who is close to you in the arrivals. You say goodbye and in a few minutes you say hello. Such an interaction of lifelines I find amusing.

Should I say something how my last girlfriend started dating someone like in two hours after breaking up with me... Anyway, Nik is in Wales, Mike is back. And hey, Joy moved out and Diane is here again (even though she doesn't like Seinfeld).