Monday, August 17, 2009

A brief description of Mike D's and Finblomes bike trip from Brooklyn NY to Toronto prov Ontario.

Bedford ave at 6 AM the hour was like a delinquent child being looked in on while resting happily in dreams of conquest and torture the onlooker being overwhelmed with complexity of existence and feeling of a compromising endearment. I smiled, the lazy morning sun was cresting through the water towers and project complexes in the not so far distance. We finshised packing and set our selfs forth and our soles free for an adventure.

Only 10 miles in the wrong direction of hill after hill did we realize that the map's indication of the road we were our were insufficient. Despite our blunder, our legs forcibly intake hill after hill to try to make it to the campsite by nightfall. Dusk is approaching, we are 10 miles of hills of away, our energy drained, and car drivers coming awful close to the narrow shoulder. We collapse outside a fancy restaurant in a town with nothing else. After inhaling a meal, a nice family agrees that we can stay on their lawn. 3 miles of night riding down black and numb cornfields with a flashlight for a headlight and we make it. Toast and coffee and friendly dog slobber in the morning.

In the past two days we have encountered many things. Hydro-electric dams abandoned with baby leaches giving greetings. Cliff jumping with locals backflipping and rope diving into gurgling streams. 40.85 miles per hour downhill with comfortable rattles of packs and sprockets. Passing haywagens as we speed down high speed highways. Overflow cranky campsite owners turning down downtrodden travelers unwilling to compromise. Sleeping on government fishing property with artificial mac and cheese dinner.

Looking at my legs i notice a sun burn just on one side, like a couch in your grand parents foyer sun bleached only in one direction taking it's mark from time. we travial as all things do in time moving or not.

And now, we are in the comfy surroundings of Mike's family. And we are set to take off on the next leg of our journey. The Canadian leg.

MILES to date 279.34
AVG. SPEED 15.05
MAX. SPEED 40.85

the bloom and mike d

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