Thursday, November 05, 2009


Lars von Trier and Andy Warhol masturbating on the dead ambitions of society while art and relevance
drill a sharpening stone through their bleeding clits...

There's a black blog fox fuck hole that you dive head first into, dragging the mirth of your only 
dead daughter down to the depths... The dark parts where young animals gasp,
and eye holes get filled with rocks... Severed bones... Squirming feet... Laughs in a naked bed...
sex over a foul stink...
And candy inside it all, underneath any shh'd whisper, torture, and death. 

A must to see if you like us enjoy to watch the combination of valiance and beauty, disturbing and sexy, love and hate.
Just don't go by yourself or on a first date, or with anybody who doesn't share our love for disturbance on the big screen.
A + by the way to the unexpected greeting by Mr Lynch who told us about the fact that he enjoys both coffee and cheese nowadays.
Did we give away too much?... Don't worry there are plenty of things we didn't mention that will make you want to puke, scream, and make art.

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