Monday, February 15, 2010

Eulogy For Timbob The Loser

Timbob the loser couldn't be reached through usual frequencies
His phone number changed weekly
He had ID once

Timbob canon-balled through social situations
He had bad breath
He told the best stories

Timbob was the one you thought about
He felt it all more, even through
His misguided beard

Timbob owned more wallets in his life than dollars
He had even more nights of legendary stature
He had even less days

Timbob is the spirit you'll find in the smell of fast food
His smile in the dirty laundry
His anger in the clean sink

Timbob got away with it because Timbob was Timbob
He knew everyone knew
He had already figured it out

Timbob died because everyone let his track fade out
He let the horse ride itself
He gave his last bud to a bum

Timbob didn't have much when he died
He had lost almost everything
He still might lose more

Timbob will be remembered as the loser to us all
He will be the ghost that gets us out of bed twenty minutes late
He will tell us to go ahead and try it

Timbob will make a great case
He will be there if/when
We lose it all and become big losers too

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