Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Some where there is a blue couch in a blue room i can never recall exactly where it is but i find my self there form time to time at first i admire then i become captivated staring deep in to its sea of calm, in the far distance from tune a piano sounds waving and whispering in a slow tempting spin of a mayrygoround i sinking slowly in it's to arms and fall helpless for a dream
I remind my self don't hold your breath you will drown, take water's wind in feel it fill your lungs and course your vanes let it saturate you. For a moment i look out the window for which i have come with no remorse i turn and swim in to the endless nothing knowing it's a short stay in the arms of the deep blue for one needs the other as all forces do existing only to define the other. In the infinitely divisible tones ones mind search for a line to be drawn but we know there is never any lines only endless tones and shades we divid up our worlds with emanagery lines we must learn to the love the undetermined to the feel and trust the indivisible one feels safety in lines to control mark to define to sepreat yes-no on-off right-worng no longer a beast that wonders with the wind as its guide we are all subject to the confinements of logic for the safety and existence of both the undefinable and the defined we are bound to creation.

I must get back my heart fills with a panicking wave of action. Birth

Damp and cold I attempt to dry my self the steam is making it way through the pipes of a grand studio banging and nocking i think of all the little particles that define the consinsity of the pipes expanding with violence and micro revolutions. The steam millions of workers trapped in the maze of labor heating our boxes and turning our turbines. Searching every possibility to escape there confinements bit by bit the steam frees it self in to the air at last in to the natural world to changing form freely....

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