Friday, June 11, 2010

a - you keep standing there.  moving slowly.  with nothing to say.
- pause
a - wont you just say something?  i just want to do something.
- pause
b - what do you want to do?
a - something
-a and b dance to the band.
a - that's not it.  you've got it wrong.
b - baby, im trying.  ive only got so much.
a - cant we just go somewhere
b - where?
a - i want you to be excited, to tell me about things, to come up with things to do and take me to them.  i want you to have something to contribute.  some words, some actions, some moves.  but with us its always you, taking your time and me, deferring.
b - maybe you shouldnt defer.
a - maybe you shouldnt defer.
b - why dont we dance
a - we did that.  we've done that.  this place is empty and too stoic.  we've done all that.  i want emotion, i want to cry, to fight you, to do something other than dance under the moonlight for the fiftieth time.
b - im only one person.  i can only come up with so many ideas
a - dont you see that its different for me?  its a lot more complex than you pretend it to be.  we arent just a number, this relationship isnt a mathematical equation.  we are people, dont you see that?
b - i never said you were a number.
a - you never say anything.  you just respond.  you just reply and comment on what i've said.
b - im hungry
a - is that supposed to be a joke?
b - no
- b grabs a carrot and starts peeling it.
a - ok, point proven, you do say things, you say when you are hungry.  but you never say anything to me.
- b has finished peeling
b - you want a bite?
a - no
b - suit yourself baby
a - i will
- a puts on a suit.  it emanates cheapness and it clings as if trying to hold onto something too beautiful to be under clothes.
a - maybe i should get an office job
a - id like a job like that.  i want to know that work is there waiting for me.  that i can show up, sit down somewhere, in front of some kind of machine, a computer or something, do some stuff, and then have a quick break.  id go outside and make a phone call.  id call someone.  you, for example.  id call you and we'd just catch up.  then id go back to my desk and do some more stuff until lunch time.  then my friends and i would go to our lunch destination and maybe try something new or just have the old favorite and talk about our job, you know vent, shop talk.  then we'd go back and give each other looks saying, omg cant wait till the day is over. then the day would be over.  id say good bye to my friends amicably and id say good bye to my bosses formally and i would see those people i dont know but wonder about and wonder about them some more but not say anything to them and then id get on the train, or better, get in a car and drive home in rush hour.  in traffic.  and then id be home.  and my life from then until the next morning's rush hour traffic can be anything.  i could be a writer like kafka, or a murderer, or a porno addict, or a golfer, or an anything.  i could just have dinner even and even just watch tv.  and then id really be a part of it all.  and then they could all really know me.  there wouldnt be any questions.  we would just talk.  all of us.  you.
b - what are you talking about?  dont you like having the mornings?
a - you wouldnt understand you hippy
b - ok.  give me a kiss.
a - wait, i do love you, you know that?
b - i think i do
a - give me a kiss
- they kiss
b - lets dance
- they dance to the band
a - give me a kiss
- they kiss

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