Sunday, December 26, 2010

6 people, stylish cloths, 1 bottle of vodka, 30 beers, 20 spicy chocolate cookies, 2 liters of egg nog, a huge chicken broccoli casserole, 15 turkey meat bolls, 3 pounds of roast potatoes, a half a pound of ginger haricots verts, a half a pound of marinated mushrooms, one bowl of mixed baby greens, 20 brownies, 3 pounds of rice a la malta, 12 saffron rolls, a half red velvet cake with black berries, 8 red velvet cake muffins, 1 ginger bread Christmas tree, 1 pound of chocolate, three pitchers of coffee, 1 double bottle of white wine, 5 scandales photo shoots and a lot of butt shaking to bad tecno music and endless Christmas hits. Is what we call a Merry Christmas at Loft 910


reedyoung said...

Great pics. But Mike you've got to quit doing screen shots from adobe bridge. Bridge is fuzzy and out of focus and looks like shit. learn "save for web" you fucking professional photographer.

NikWakefield said...

who are those dirtbags