Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The loft blog sitting alone in cyber space a widow standing in her peek watching the sea for her love to return.

Yea well the loft is still going at full speed..

The BOBO-WING crew has returned from a shooting banasa in sweden.. And is now over there ears in editing footage. Yep A documentary on the life and creative endeavors of composer Ann-Lena Laurin. A feature TV documentary amazing.
interviews and a 4 camera view of world premier Iphigenia a new and perversely unheard work by Ann-Lena Laurin..

Meanwhile the PERF LADIES (Meredith Edwards, Leah Bachar, Lin Laurin, and Maria Aparo Merritt) have 60 hours left on their kick starter.. Raising over there expected 7 grand to almost 10 grand shooting starts in a little over a month. Perf Productions is a Brooklyn based Theater and Production Company, and they have decided to work with almost the entire loft crew. I will be the lighting designer, Wing will be the cinematographer and editor, Lin is one of the creative producers and playing one of the supporting charters, Jeff is doing the sound design, and Jillian the hair and make-up design. Reed Young (who not is a reel loft member but farts around here often enough to almost be one) has been doing behind the scene photography and promotional pictures.

We are trying to reach at least $10 000 by Saturday at 6 PM. Go to kickstarter and pledge before it's too late, there are great rewards and we truly believe that we are working on a great production. Since filming is expensive we need all the support we can get, to make this show that we think will blow you away as good as we want it to be.

Go to kickstarter and check out our great trailer and read more about the project!

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